Kim has troubles with her boyfriend

Published in
Bravo (Germany)
Written by
Margit Ritti

It went down like a bomb: on October 27 in the morning, Kim's boyfriend Gary Barnacle calls and says coolly that he has decided he'd rather tour in America than hold her hand during her European tour. There is very little time to find a replacement before the start of her tour on November 25. Whether there are problems in their relationship, Kim does not tell. But Gary was definitely one of the five musicians in her band up until that point.

Brother Ricky was out already for a couple of weeks before: Kim had had enough of his escapades and preferred to use keyboard player Kevin McCailey. Supposedly she had no place for two keyboard players in her band, because she wanted to have a smaller band during this tour, to have more passion from her musicians. Some people say there have been enough confrontations between the Wilde siblings during the last tour, however. Ricky is unreliable by nature and prefers to get to bed with nice girls instead of turning up for soundchecks in time. That was one thing that angered Kim.

The faith in her family has taken a dent anyway. Her latest single 'Love blonde', written and produced by father Marty and brother Ricky Wilde, was not very successful in England and didn't even make the top twenty. The new single, 'Dancing in the dark', released on October 26, has a new recipe.The original version, written by Nicky Chinn and Paul Gurvitz, was heard by Kim four months ago and she was not enthusiastic. She had the version remixed by Chic-boss Nile Rodgers in New York and sang it in a hot disco style, with a very sexy lyric, more about love, pillow talk and embraces than ever before...

The strong family backing she had during the last tour has gone this time around. Mother Joyce, father Marty and brother Ricky stay at home. Even the backing vocalists, who supported Kim behind the scenes, have been dropped. The band, which used to consist of nine persons, now only has five. Steve Byrd, like before guitarist, Mark Heyward, bassist again, Kevin McCailey, new keyboard player, and drummer Boris Brainsby Williams are all she needs for success. On December 4 she will do her first concert in Germany.

Fashionable black stockings are her new style. Besides she will mainly wear black mini skirts, because Gary likes them so much. Right now she is still looking for stage clothes for the show. In her new appartment at Regents Park, near the record company RAK, Kim has found a home. She will probably spend much time between those four walls: the appartment has been painted in white shades, with red carpets - only in the bedroom is a blue carpet. On the walls there are mainly watercolours and charcoal drawings she's bought in Portobello Road and in Camden Town...