Kim Wilde: no, I'm not a child anymore!

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Muziek Expres (Netherlands)

Without any doubt Kim Wilde is the most wanted single in the pop world. And she will probably stay that too. Because Kim's father doesn't like boyfriends at all...

Once he was called the man behind Kim's success. But he himself only thinks it's natural to give his daughter advice. Marty Wilde is very proud of his blonde daughter. "Dad is the best manager any artist could wish for", Kim says enthusiastically. "He's working with me day and night. And you should know that he also write the songs together with my brother Ricky, so you understand how happy I am with him. In the old days, when I could barely walk, he apparently said that I would become an important artist. But there was no-one who believed him then. When I had my first big hit with 'Kids In America' he had phoned everyone who didn't believe him back then."
Kim's happy face suddenly changes into an unhappy one. "The only thing I don't like about working with my family is that they meddle with everything. Their intentions are good enough, because I am still Ricky's younger sister and father's baby. Even if I would turn fify. But it gets tiring when you have to explain where you've been last night and with whom. I am not a child anymore! I have decided not to show myself in public for a while. I am trying to write songs, but I'm not sure if it's good enough for a book yet. What's the book about? About a woman in the pop world. What would you expect? But I won't write a chapter about my brother and father. No-one would believe the story...