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Song title Written by
2 6 5 8 0 Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
48 crash Chinn/Chapman
A beautiful house Reflekt/Kim Wilde
A little respect Vince Clark/Andy Bell
A miracle's coming Rick Nowels/Ricky Wilde/Kim Wilde
About you now Cathy Dennis/Lukasz Gottwald
Action city Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Addicted to you Sean Vincent/Roxanne Wilde/Ricky Wilde
All about me Ricky Wilde
Another step (closer to you) Kim Wilde/Steve Byrd
Anyone who had a heart Burt Bacharach/Hal David
Anyplace, anywhere, anytime Carlo Karges/Dalbello
Baby obey me R.E. Orrall/J. Coplan/Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
Back street driver Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Back street Joe Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Back to heaven Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
Beautiful ones Anderson/Oakes
Because the night Patti Smith/Bruce Springsteen
Belle-Ile-en-Mer Marie-Galante Alain Souchon/Laurent Voulzy
Bi-Ba-Butzemann Trad.
Big hunk o' love Aaron Schroeder/Sid Jaxon
Birthday song Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
Bitter is better Masami Tsuchiya/Bill Crunchfield
Bladerunner Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Born to be wild Mars Bonfire
Boys Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Breakin' away Tracy Ackerman/M. Percy/T. Lever
Brothers Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Burn gold/Silent night Kim Wilde/Hal Fowler/Traditional
Bye bye love Boudleaux/Felice Bryant
C'mon love me Kim Wilde/George McFarlane
Ça plane pour moi Yvan Lacomblez
Cambodia Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Can you come over Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Can you hear it Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Can't get enough (of your love) Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
Carry me home Kim Wilde/Fredrik Thomander/Anders Wikström
Ces moments là Kim Wilde/Steve Byrd/Muriel Dacq
Chaos at the airport Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Chasing cars Lightbody/Connolly/Simpson/Quinn/Wilson
Chequered love Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Child come away Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Closer Phil Thornalley/Chris Murrell
Country roads John Denver
Dancing in the dark Nicky Chinn/Paul Gurvitz
Dancing in the street Mickey Stevenson/Marvin Gaye/Ivy Jo Hunter
Don't say nothing's changed Kim Wilde
Dream sequence Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Ego Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Enjoy the silence Martin L. Gore
Enter Sandman James Hetfield/Lars Ulrich/Kirk Hammett
European soul Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
Ever fallen in love Pete Shelley
Every time I see you I go wild Stevie Wonder/Henry Cosby/Sylvia Moy
Every woman knows Lulu
Everyone's sweetheart Kim Wilde/Steve Byrd
Everything we know Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Falling out Ricky Wilde
Fit in Kim Wilde
Forever young Bernhard Lloyd/Marian Gold/Frank Mertens
Forgive me Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen/Gena Wernik/Kim Wilde
Four letter word Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Freight train Elisabeth "Libba" Cotton
Game over Ricky Wilde/S. DuBerry
Get out Pete Kirtley/Erik Nyholm/Sacha Colliston
Greatest journey Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
Harvest for the world Isley Brothers
Have yourself a merry little Christmas Hugh Martin/Ralph Blane
Heart over mind David Munday/Sandy Stewart/John Hall/Nick Whitecross
Heaven Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
Hey mister Heartache Kim Wilde/Steve Byrd
Hey mister Snowman Kim Wilde
Hey! You! Kim Wilde/Fredrik Thomander/Anders Wikström
High on you Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
Hit him O.S. Blandamer
Hold back Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Hold on Kim Wilde/Tony Swain
Hope Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde/Mark Cummins
House of Salome Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
How do you want my love Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
Hypnotise Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
I am an astronaut Marty Wilde/Shelley
I believe Rene Baumann, Axel Breitung
I believe in you Ricky Wilde/Mick Silver
I believe my own eyes Pete Townsend
I can't say goodbye Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
I drove all night Billy Steinberg/Tom Kelly
I fly R.E. Orrall/J. Coplan
I got you babe Sonny Bono
I touch myself Christina Amphlett/Mark McEntee/Tom Kelly/Billy Steinberg
I want what I want Robert Habolim/Kim Wilde
I won't change the way I feel Kim Wilde/Rick Nowels
I'll stand by you Chrissie Hynde/Tom Kelly/Billy Steinberg
I'm all dressed up Monika Finsterbusch/Markus Löhr/Dirk Busshart/Mathias Schönsee/Ken Taylor
I've found a reason Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
I've got so much love Kim Wilde/Ricki Wilde/Marty Wilde
If I can't have you Barry Gibb/Maurice Gibb/Robin Gibb
If there was love Nathan Moore
In Hollywood Kim Wilde/Tony Swain
In my life Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
Inbetween days Smith/Gallup/Thompson/Williams/Tolhurst
Is it over Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
It's a boy Pete Townsend
It's alright Anthony Mortimer
It's here Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
Janine Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Jessica Kim Wilde
Just a feeling Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Just another guy Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Just what I needed Ric Ocasek
Kaupungin lapset Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde/Raul Reiman/P. Hanhiniemi/Petra
Kids in America Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Kids in America 1994 Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Kids in het lage land Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde/Ramona de Roij/Marcel Rijs
Kim Wilde Charlotte Hatherley
King of the world Kim Wilde/Fredrik Thomander/Anders Wikström
Kooks David Bowie
Kui mõistad mind Andres Aule/Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
Lay your weapons down Curtis Richardson/Ella Soza/Ricky Wilde
Les nuits sans Kim Wilde Alain Souchon/Laurent Voulzy
Let it be John Lennon/Paul McCartney
Let it snow Sammy Cahn/Jule Styne
Life & soul Kim Wilde/Tony Swain
Light of the moon (belongs to me) Ricky Wilde/Kim Wilde/Steve Byrd
Lights down low Mark Frisch/Anthony Galatis
Lillifee dance Monika Finsterbusch/Markus Löhr/Dirk Busshart/Mathias Schönsee/Ken Taylor
Lillifee's world Monika Finsterbusch/Markus Löhr/Dirk Busshart/Mathias Schönsee/Ken Taylor
Lost without you Ricky Wilde/S. DuBerry
Love (send him back to me) Kim Wilde/Tony Swain
Love blonde Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Love conquers all Kim Wilde/Rob Davis
Love in the natural way Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Love is holy Rick Nowels/Ellen Shipley
Love you more Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde/Groovenut
Love's a no Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Loved Ricky Wilde/Terry Ronald
Lovers on a beach Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Loving you Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
Loving you more Ricky Wilde/Steve Hart
Lucky guy Todd Rundgren
Maybe I'm crazy Ricky Wilde/K. Thomas/C. Good
Megamix Holland/Dozier/Holland/Kim Wilde/Steve Byrd/Sembello/Dick Rudolph/Spencer
Merry Christmas everybody Noddy Holder/Jim Lea
Million miles away Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
Missing Kim Wilde/Steve Byrd
Move it Ian Samwell
My wish is your command Ricky Wilde/Scarlett Wilde
Never felt so alive Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
Never trust a stranger Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
New life Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
No way back Foo Fighters
Nobody does it better Marvin Hamlisch/Carole Bayer-Sager
Nothing else matters James Hetfield/Lars Ulrich
Now & forever Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
Oh Lori Billy Alessi/Bobby Alessi
One Kim Wilde
One night with you Dave Bartholomew/Dave King
Our town Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Party on the brink Haylay Bonnick/Nick Beggs
Perfect girl Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen/Ricky Wilde
Première rencontre Michel Berger
Putty in your hands J. Patton/K. Rogers
Que sera sera Jay Livingston/Ray Evans
Rage to love Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Real life Alex Geringas/Erik Nyholm/Dimitri Ehrlich
Real wild child O'Keefe/Greenan/Owens
Remember me Nickolas Ashford/Valerie Simpson
Rockin' around the Christmas tree [Kim Wilde & Nik Kershaw version] John D. Marks
Rockin' around the Christmas tree [Mel & Kim version] John D. Marks/Mel Smith/Griff Rhys-Jones
Run to you Christian Olsson/Mathias Nilsson/Linda Sundblad
Santa Claus is coming to town J. Fred Coots/H. Gillespie
Say you really want me D. Sembello/D. Rudolph/D. Spencer jr.
Schoolgirl Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Shake, rattle and roll Calhoun
Shame J.H. Fitch/R. Cross
Shane Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Shangri-la Kim Wilde
She hasn't got time for you Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Shoot to disable Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Short-term affair Steve Coogan
Signed, sealed, delivered Stevie Wonder/Lee Garrett/Syreeta Wright/Lula Hardaway
Silent night Trad.
Sing it out for love Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Sleeping satellite John Hughes/John Beck/Tasmin Archer
Smash the mirror Pete Townsend
Snakes and ladders Kim Wilde/Fredrik Thomander/Anders Wikström
Solid Gold Easy Action Marc Bolan
Someday Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
Something better Foskett
Something stupid Carson Parks
Song for Beryl Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde/Mark Cummins
Songs about love Kim Wilde
Sorry seems to be the hardest word Elton John/Bernie Taupin
Sparks Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Spirit in the sky Norman Greenbaum
Spirit of the forest Kenny Young
Stay awhile Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Staying with my baby Ricky Wilde
Stone Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Storm in our hearts Kim Wilde/Tony Swain
Suburbs of Moscow Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Suicide Kim Wilde/Andrew Murray/Stephen Jones/Neil Jones
Superstars Born Meirlaen/Ward Snauwaert/Radhika Vekaria
Sweet inspiration S. Welton-Jaimes/J. Jaimes/M. Jaimes
Take me tonight Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Tearaway Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Teddy bear Kal Mann/Bernie Lowe
Teenager in love Doc Pomus/Mort Shuman
Tell me where you are Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
Thank you for the music Benny Andersson/Bjorn Ulvaeus
The fairy ball Monika Finsterbusch/Markus Löhr/Dirk Busshart/Mathias Schönsee/Ken Taylor
The hunt for zero point Sean Vincent/Ricky Wilde
The name of the game Benny Andersson/Stig Anderson/Bjorn Ulvaeus
The riddle Nik Kershaw
The second time Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
The thrill of it Kim Wilde/Steve Byrd
The touch Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
There's a ghost in my house Brian Holland/Lamont Dozier/Eddie Holland/R. Dean Taylor
They can't take that away from me George Gerschwin/Ira Gerschwin
They don't know Kirsty MacColl
This I swear Tony Swain/P. Sheyne
This paranoia Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde/Fredrik Thomander/Anders Wikström
Thought it was goodbye Kim Wilde/Ricki Wilde/Marty Wilde
Three little pigs Mark Levinthal/Bill Manspeaker
Time Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
Time to live your life Kim Wilde/Steve Byrd
To France Mike Oldfield
Together forever Stock/Aitken/Waterman
Together we belong Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen/Ricky Wilde/Kim Wilde
Too late Kim Wilde/Steve Byrd
Touched by your magic Ricky Wilde/Mick Silver
Tracks of my tears Smokey Robinson/Warren Moore/Marv Tarplin
Treat me nice Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller
True to you Kim Wilde/David James
Try Mike Busbee/Ben Wist
Try again Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
Tu me vas si bien (Because you came) Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde/François Welgryn
Tuning in tuning on Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Turn back the clock Clark Datchler
Turn it on M. Chapman/Holly Knight
Victim Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
View from a bridge Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Virtual world Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
Walk right back Sonny Curtis
Watching for shapes Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Water on glass Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
We wish you a merry Christmas Trad.
Wendy Sadd Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
When a woman loves Kim Wilde/Bozidar Rustic
When the boy's happy (the girl's happy too) Jeff Barry/Ellie Greenwich
Where do you go from here Peter Zizzo/R. Tancred/Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
White winter hymnal R.N. Pecknold
White winter hymnal Robin Pecknold
Who do you think you are? Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
Who's to blame? Kim Wilde/Tony Swain
Winter song S. Bareilles/I. Michaelson
Winter wonderland Felix Bernard/Richard B. Smith
Wonderful life Colin Vearncombe
Wonderful world Sam Cooke/Lou Adler/Herb Alpert
Words fell down Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
World in perfect harmony Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
Wotcha gonna do Kim Wilde/Ricki Wilde/Marty Wilde
You and me Zachary Johnson
You came Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde
You don't know me Kim Wilde/Tony Swain
You have to learn to live alone Michel Berger/Luc Plamondon/Tim Rice
You keep me hangin' on Holland/Dozier/Holland
You'll be the one who'll lose Kim Wilde/Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
You'll never be so wrong Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
You're all I wanna do A. Roman/Peter Zizzo
Young heroes Ricky Wilde/Marty Wilde
Your mistake Phil Thornalley/Mike Nocito