Kim Wilde painting auction

- Kim Wilde has created a painting for a charity auction, organized by Samarivans North Herts and Stevenage. The artwork measures around 30 x 23 cm (12 x 10 inches) and features a row of trees as well as the outline of a VW van. According to Kim: "Every shadow has a source of light. I find my light in a garden. The VW motif has been interpreted in so many different ways for this Samaritans exhibition. Each one of us see the world and our place in it uniquely but we all have the same bones…everyone needs somebody to lean on sometimes. I'm so grateful for the vital work the Samaritans do for us all and really enjoyed the VW painting to support such a wonderful cause."

Wentworth Festival

- Setlist  Rage to Love  Never Trust a Stranger  Million Miles AwayCan't Get Enough (Of Your Love)  If I Can't Have YouThe TouchThe Second Time / Popmuzik  Kandy Krush  Cambodia  View From a Bridge  Chequered Love  You Keep Me Hangin' OnEncore  You Came  You Spin Me 'Round (Like a Record)Kids in America

Summer of music-festival

- Setlist  Rage to Love  Never Trust a Stranger  Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love)  The Second Time / Popmuzik  Kandy Krush  Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime  Cambodia  View From a Bridge  If I Can't Have YouChequered Love  You Keep Me Hangin' OnEncore  You Came  Kids in America

Seaside festival

- Setlist Rage to Love Never Trust a Stranger Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love) The Second Time / Popmuzik Kandy Krush Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime Cambodia View From a Bridge Chequered Love You Keep Me Hangin' OnEncore You Came Kids in America

Summerdays festival

- SetlistRage to LoveNever Trust a StrangerCan't Get Enough (Of Your Love)The Second Time / PopmuzikKandy KrushAnyplace, Anywhere, AnytimeCambodiaView From a BridgeChequered LoveYou Keep Me Hangin' OnEncoreYou CameKids in America

'L.A. Dreamers' out now

- The first single of Ricky Wilde and Nina's forthcoming album 'Scala hearts' is out today. It's called 'L.A. Dreamers' and you can listen to it with your favourite streaming service.In the latest episode of the podcast Unsung Heroes, Ricky said about the song: "The idea behind it lyrically was me and Nina sitting on a mountain overlooking L.A., seeing the lights glistening in the distance. It was almost a lovesong to L.A." Nina added: "For me it became like those Hollywood movies where you see couples in the cars looking at the cliffs there. It's romantic and it can be a little sexy, but it's also very dreamy."