Kim Wilde clothing on auction

- If you've always wanted to own a piece of clothing previously worn by Kim Wilde, here's a chance. Beverley Craven has started Who Gives A Frock, an online auction of glamorous pre-loved and vintage stage clothes and accessories generously donated and sent to you by the stars themselves - and one of them is Kim. Every penny raised will go to the Intensive Care Society, a UK charity which supports all intensive care professionals who have had quite a difficult time in this past year.

Boy George drops new album with Kim Wilde duet

- As announced two months ago, Boy George has recorded a duet with Kim Wilde. The song is called 'Name and Number' and is included on Boy George's new album 'Cool Karaoke Vol. 1'. In an unexpected move, he has premiered the album today on his official Instagram and YouTube channels. (You can listen to the album below in the enclosed YouTube video. The song starts at 7:51.)

WildeTapes presents Video Archive 2020

- At the beginning of a new year it's always nice to look back at the past twelve months and that's exactly what you can do now. WildeTapes has made a concise summary of all the TV appearances of Kim Wilde over 2020, and obviously that also includes lots of appearances by Marty and Roxanne, with whom she promoted Marty's new album 'Running Together'. You can watch the video below. All the appearances have also been described in Wilde Life's own Radio & TV 2020 page. Wilde Life and WildeTapes continue to gather all the existing TV appearances from 1981 until now, so if you have any recordings that can't be found on this website, please contact us.

Happy 2021 from Wilde Life!

- Looking back on 2020, it's a year that most would probably like to forget. Today, at the start of a new year, there's hope for better times. Wilde Life wants to wish you all the best for the new year, and here's a little preview of the next twelve months...

Cover Friday: Selma

- Kim Wilde has released many songs during her career. Some of them have been covered by other artists. On Cover Friday, Wilde Life presents cover versions of Kim Wilde songs. This week: Selma. We have to be careful to post every Kim Wilde cover that is posted as a video on YouTube, because too many amateurs have taken their chance to make an instrumental version of one of her big hits, sitting down behind a piano or with a guitar, and just recording their own work - which sometimes doesn't come close to anything listenable.

Xmas 2020 Acoustic Live

- Recorded in Kim's living room in Hertfordshire, this acoustic show was streamed on YouTube, enabling fans to see the entire show worldwide, while most countries were still battling the Covid-19 pandemic. Setlist Let It Snow Hope Chequered Love New Life Cambodia Hey Mister Snowman Last Christmas You Came You Keep Me Hangin' On Kids in America Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree