A new life for Wilde Life

After almost three years, the time has come for Wilde Life to undergo a facelift once again. We like to keep the website fresh and exciting, and this redesign has gone a long way to get new content out to you quicker and more attractively.

The design of the new look took about three months. The original idea started on paper, as it usually does. I made an inventory of the sections I wanted to keep on the new site. Faithful visitors will notice that the original sketch included most of the sections already there on the previous version of the website, but adding a ‘gallery’. The gallery of pictures was deleted three years ago in favour of a Flickr account presenting most of the pictures previously on Wilde Life, but that wasn’t the solution, I felt. It is time to have another go at presenting Kim Wilde pictures on the website – sometimes chronologically, sometimes thematically. We’ll see where time takes us.

A rudimentary sketch of the new homepage was made in the previous version of the site. You can see the result in the screenshot included on this page: I had a working version of the so-called ‘Masonry’ layout, which told me this was the way to go on the homepage – and possibly elsewhere on the website as well.

Two months of hard work followed, setting up the website in this new layout and redesigning many of the main menus. You can see the result of all the work from today.

The newest addition on Wilde Life, thought up just a few weeks ago, is the ‘blog’. As this is the first entry of the blog, you may think this the personal blog of the website administrator, but it’s not. I will be writing lots of the entries myself, of course, but entries will focus on Kim Wilde’s career in new and inspirational ways. Together with the ‘news’ section, the ‘blog’ will always serve you the latest Kim Wilde information.

And then there’s the look of the site: it’s simple, accessible and – we hope – attractive for everyone. Tell us what you think…