A new version of Wilde Life

When we modestly announced a new version of Wilde Life yesterday, you may have suspected a big change, but as you can see, the changes are pretty minor. Yes, there have been some updates. You can see that the header has been given a new look, and you can now search for information in the top right corner. Updates will happen more regularly as of today, now that all the work for this update has been done. Most pages on Wilde Life will give you more to read at the bottom at the page, as we offer you ‘related pages’, i.e. content we think is similar or relevant to whatever you have been reading.

For the tech geeks among you: Wilde Life now runs on Drupal 8 instead of Drupal 7, which makes it even easier than before to keep this website up to date and informative for you. With daily updates, this website is heading for an unprecedented amount of pages – we expect to hit the 10.000 mark by the end of next year.

All this on the day of release of ‘Kandy Krush’, which we will be telling you more about today. We hope you keep enjoying Wilde Life.