About Marcel Rijs

I was born on August 31, 1970 and grew up in a very pop-oriented environment: both my brother and sister were heavily into music and I grew up on a steady diet of bands like the Beatles, Abba, Sparks, 10CC and Ultravox. I started buying singles as a young kid, and already owned some 50 7" singles by the time I was 10 years old. When Kim Wilde appeared in the charts the first few times, I was instantly attracted by the music. The real fandom only started in 1983 when 'Catch as catch can' was introduced into my record collection as a Christmas present. Before I knew it I was collecting all the other albums, singles and 12" singles.

When I discovered the Web in 1996, I realised that the world was missing a comprehensive website about my childhood idol, so I started one. Although the flame of fandom was burning less bright by now, I still enjoyed putting all the facts together. In the process, I was learning a lot about writing in html.

This proved to be a convenient thing, since my job as a librarian was starting to bore me to tears. When I got the chance to apply for a job as a web editor in 1999, I presented the Kim Wilde Encyclopedia as my 'portfolio'. I was accepted and for nine years I worked at the National library of the Netherlands, doing the editing for both the website and the intranet site. In February 2008 I became the webmaster of kvce.nl, a bureau that informs about safety and security for Dutch heritage institutions (now defunct). In January 2010 I returned to my 'old' job: creating various websites for the National library of the Netherlands.

KimWilde.com and Wilde Life have also been a factor in friendships I have forged over the years. I have gained some friends in all of Europe, and some of them I have met in person. They contributed to the website, which has become a vault of information compiled by many fans, instead of just a solo operation.

In April 2008 I got married to Annet. Then in September 2008 our daughter Odilia was born and in June 2012 our daughter Camilla followed. So you see, Kim Wilde is not the only important woman in my life.