Another Step (re-release)

Release date: 19 October 1987
Produced by: Ricky Wilde, Kim Wilde, Richard James Burgess, Reinhold Heil, etc.

Track listing

  1. You Keep Me Hangin’ On
  2. Hit Him
  3. Another Step (Closer to You)
  4. The Thrill of It
  5. I’ve Got So Much Love
  6. Victim (bonus track on tape and CD)
  7. Schoolgirl
  8. Say You Really Want Me
  9. She Hasn’t Got Time for You
  10. Brothers
  11. Missing
  12. How Do You Want My Love
  13. Don’t Say Nothing’s Changed
  14. Megamix
  15. Another Step (Closer to You) (7″ version)
  16. Say You Really Want Me (7″ version)


LP format

United Kingdom: MCA KIML 1

Tape format

United Kingdom: MCA KIMLC 1

CD format

United Kingdom: MCA DKIML 1