Born to Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Greatest Hits (Marty Wilde)

Release date: 19 March 2007
Running time: 67’00

Track listing

  1. Endless Sleep (Marty Wilde)
  2. Donna (Marty Wilde)
  3. Teenager in Love (Marty Wilde)
  4. Bad Boy (Marty Wilde)
  5. Sea of Love (Marty Wilde)
  6. Jezabel (Marty Wilde)
  7. Johnny Rocco (Marty Wilde)
  8. Little Girl (Marty Wilde)
  9. Tomorrow’s Clown (Marty Wilde)
  10. Rubber Ball (Marty Wilde)
  11. Ever Since You Said Goodbye (Marty Wilde)
  12. Abergavenny (Marty Wilde)
  13. Danny (Marty Wilde)
  14. Dream Lover (Marty Wilde)
  15. All American Boy (Marty Wilde)
  16. By the Time I Get to Phoenix (Marty Wilde)
  17. It’s Been Nice (Marty Wilde)
  18. I’m Leaving It All Up to You (Marty Wilde & Roxanne Wilde)
  19. It’s Late (Marty Wilde)
  20. Little Sister (Marty Wilde)
  21. Jesamine (Marty Wilde)
  22. Apron strings (Marty Wilde)
  23. You’ll Never Be So Wrong (Marty Wilde)
  24. Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word (Marty Wilde & Kim Wilde)
  25. Born to Rock ‘n’ Roll (Marty Wilde)


CD format

United Kingdom: Universal 9847088