Come Out and Play

Release date: 27 August 2010
Produced by: Ricky Wilde, Andrew Murray, John McLaughlin, Dave Thomas Junior, Philip Larsen, Paul Humphreys, Carsten Heller, Stephen Jones, Pete Kirtley, Sacha Collisson, Kim Wilde
Running time: 42’57

Track listing

  1. King of the World
  2. Lights Down Low
  3. Real Life
  4. Greatest Journey (duet with Glenn Gregory)
  5. I Want What I Want
  6. Love Conquers All (duet with Nik Kershaw)
  7. Hey! You!
  8. Suicide
  9. This Paranoia
  10. Loving You More
  11. Get Out
  12. My Wish Is Your Command
  13. Jessica
  14. Carry Me Home (bonus track on digital download)
  15. Addicted to You (bonus track on digital download)
  16. Party on the Brink (bonus track on digital download)
  17. Snakes and Ladders (bonus track on digital download)


LP format

Germany: Music On Vinyl MOVLP3036 (limited edition of 1500 copies on gold marbled vinyl, 2022)

CD format

France: Columbia Sony Music 8D074A0483880 (promo CD in plastic wallet; black letters on white background front cover)
France: Columbia Sony Music 1C0480D (promo CD in plastic wallet; picture sleeve)
Germany: Columbia Music SevenOne (promo CD in plastic wallet)
Germany: Columbia Music SevenOne 88697766032 (promo CD in slimline jewelcase)
Germany: Columbia Music SevenOne 88697758202
Russia: Columbia Music Sevenone 88697944112

Digital download

Austria: no catalogue number
France: no catalogue number
Germany: no catalogue number
Netherlands: no catalogue number
Spain: no catalogue number
Switzerland: no catalogue number