Kim Wilde (Deluxe edition)

Release date: 31 January 2020
Produced by: Ricky Wilde

Track listing


  1. Water on Glass
  2. Our Town
  3. Everything We Know
  4. Young Heroes
  5. Kids in America
  6. Chequered Love
  7. 2 6 5 8 0
  8. You’ll Never Be So Wrong
  9. Falling Out
  10. Tuning in Tuning On
  11. Shane
  12. Boys
  13. Water on Glass (7″ version)
  14. Tuning in Tuning On (7″ version)


  1. Kids in America (Luke Mornay Remix)
  2. Chequered Love (Matt Pop Extended version)
  3. Water on Glass (Eddie Said & Luke Nutley Extended version)
  4. Kids in America (Popfidelity Allstars remix)
  5. Chequered Love (Matt Pop Alternative remix)
  6. Water on Glass (Project K: Project Kim)
  7. Kids in America (Neutrophonic Remix)
  8. Kids in America (D-Bop’s Bright Lights Mix)
  9. Kids in America (Popfidelity Allstars instrumental)
  10. Chequered Love (Matt Pop Instrumental)
  11. Water on Glass (Eddie Said & Luke Nutley Instrumental)
  12. Kids in America (Luke Mornay Instrumental)


  1. Kids in America
  2. Chequered Love
  3. Kids in America (On Top of the Pops)
  4. Chequered Love (On Top of the Pops)
  5. Water on Glass (On Top of the Pops)
  6. Kids in America (On Top of the Pops: TOTP’s Christmas Party)
  7. Chequered Love (Unedited Shower version)



EU: Cherry Pop PCRPOPT212