Night Of The Proms ’08

Release date: 28 November 2008
Produced by: Jan Vereecke
Running time: 73’15

Track listing

  1. I Believe I Can Fly (Angels in Harmel Gospel Choir)
  2. Mr. Roboto (Dennis DeYoung)
  3. Babe (Dennis DeYoung)
  4. Cambodia (Kim Wilde)
  5. Kids in America (Kim Wilde)
  6. Ouverture 1812 (Il Novecento)
  7. Mad World (Tears for fears)
  8. Sowing the Seeds of Love (Tears for fears)
  9. Alla Molto Turka (Igudesman & Joo)
  10. Beethoven Goes Joyful (Angels in Harlem Gospel Choir)
  11. Dreadlock Holiday (10 CC)
  12. I’m Not in Love (10CC)
  13. Adagio aus ‘Spartakus’ (Il Novecento)
  14. Juliet (Robin Gibb)


CD format

Germany: PSE Germany Promscd2008G