Running Together

Release date: 2 October 2020
Produced by: Marty Wilde

Track listing

  1. Running Together
  2. Dublin
  3. So Undecided (featuring Roxanne Rizzo Wilde)
  4. 60’s World (featuring Kim Wilde)
  5. Cambodia
  6. Love Me Love My Dog
  7. So Light
  8. Riding on a Rainbow (featuring Roxanne Rizzo Wilde)
  9. Rockabilly Dreams
  10. The Middle of Love (featuring Roxanne Rizzo Wilde)
  11. So Wide Awake (The Wedding Song)
  12. Hannibal
  13. When There’s Loving (All Over the World) (featuring Roxanne Rizzo Wilde)
  14. Don’t Want to Fall in Love Again (featuring Roxanne Rizzo Wilde)
  15. Eddie


CD format

UK: Pushka Records PUSHKA02CD
UK: Pushka Records [no cat. no.] (For promotion only)

LP format

UK: Pushka Records PUSHKA02V (Lathe Cut double LP; Limited edition of 26 copies)
UK: Pushka Records PUSHKA02V (Vinyl double LP; Limited edition of 350 copies)