Select (Deluxe edition)

Release date: 31 January 2020
Produced by: Ricky Wilde

Track listing


  1. Ego
  2. Words Fell Down
  3. Action City
  4. View From a Bridge
  5. Just a Feeling
  6. Chaos at the Airport
  7. Take me Tonight
  8. Can You Come Over
  9. Wendy Sadd
  10. Cambodia
  11. Cambodia – Reprise
  12. Child Come Away
  13. Bitter Is Better
  14. He Will Be There
  15. Watching for Shapes
  16. Just Another Guy
  17. Bitter Is Better (instrumental)


  1. Ego (Rough mix)
  2. Words Fell Down (Original mix)
  3. Action City (Instrumental demo)
  4. Just a Feeling (Rough mix)
  5. Chaos at the Airport (Rough mix)
  6. Take Me Tonight (Original mix)
  7. Cambodia (Matt Pop Extended version)
  8. View From a Bridge (Luke Mornay remix)
  9. Child Come Away (Matt Pop remix)
  10. Cambodia (Luke Mornay Urbantronik mix)
  11. View From a Bridge (RAW Remix)
  12. Child Come Away (Matt Pop instrumental)
  13. Cambodia (Matt Pop instrumental)
  14. View From a Bridge (Luke Mornay instrumental)
  15. Cambodia (Luke Mornay Urbantronik instrumental)


  1. Cambodia
  2. View From a Bridge
  3. Child Come Away
  4. Cambodia (On Top of the Pops)
  5. View From a Bridge (On Top of the Pops)
  6. View From a Bridge (On Nationwide Special: The British Rock & Pop Awards)



EU: Cherry Pop PCRPOPT213