Special Disco Mixes

Release date: 20 April 2024


LP format

  1. Kids in America (Luke Mornay Remix)
  2. Chequered Love (Matt Pop Extended Version)
  3. Water on Glass (Project K Soundtrack)
  4. Cambodia (Matt Pop Extended Version)
  5. View from a Bridge (Project K Soundtrack)
  6. Take Me Tonight (Luke Mornay Profondo Giallo Mix)
  7. Child Come Away (Matt Pop Remix)
  8. Love Blonde (Project K’s Limelight Mix)
  9. Dancing in the Dark (Luke Mornay Moonlight Mix)
  10. House of Salome (Luke Mornay Mix of the Seven Veils)

UK: Cherry Pop PCRPOPLPD 272 (Red translucent vinyl double LP, limited to 1500 copies)