Ricky, 11, has eyes on the stars…

Ricky Wilde, 11, son of the famous singer and composer Marty Wilde, is following in the keynotes of Dad, with the release, last week, of his first disc. Appropriately named “I am an Astronaut”, the new record got off the musical company’s launching pad at the end of November and latest reports state that it is in a perfect trajectory and heading up the charts.

Ricky’s mother, Mrs Joyce Wilde was obviously elated by the news of another member of the family becoming a celebrity in his own right. “His dad wrote the music and the lyrics”, she said. Ricky, she said, has had from a very early age, a deep love and appreciation of a very wide cross-section of music. “As well as possessing what sounds like a promising voice he is also a competent player of the guitar and the piano.”

His sister, Kim, 12, has, it seems, also musical ambitions and has, in fact, just made her first disc which has not yet been released. Ricky, said Mrs Wilde, had struck up a close friendship with a young boy from Welwyn by the name of Andre. “Like Ricky, Andre is also keen on music and they can now be seen working out new scores. It could very well be that, between them, they could come up with a real good hit”, she said.

Mrs Wilde is herself a sessions or “vocal backing” singer. “I was a singer before I met Marty and I thoroughly enjoy doing this kind of work now.”

Ricky, she said, would be playing the captain of the spacecraft in a Nativity play with a modern setting which would be staged at Tewin village school later this month. Mr W. Furlong, Ricky’s headmaster, describes him as “a very nice young lad”. “It was obvious from a very early age that he had a fine aptitude and deep love of music”, he added. Ricky, he said, was also a keen swimmer and promising footballer.

Pictured below are the Wilde family when the children were younger.