Ricky’s set for another Wilde hit

Britain’s first weenybopper star, Ricky Wilde, was sitting listening to his new record through earphones, and blowing up pink bubble gum. In between the bubbles and pops – with all the modesty a 12-year-old can muster – he said of his record: “The words are a bit daft. But it’s great.”

It’s called Teen Wave – a Gary Glitter-style stomper, with real weeny-bopper-type music. Explained Ricky: “I liked it over a year ago, but Dad didn’t think much of it.” “Dad” is Marty Wilde – hit rock-idol of the late ‘fifties and ‘sixties. Now Ricky is following hard in his father’s crepe-soled footsteps for Teen Wave is already his fifth record – in a two-year career.


His mother, a 31-year-old Joyce Wilde, said: “Marty and I should have listened to Ricky a year ago when he said it was a good number. If he breaks into the big time – and that’s what he wants – that’s fine.”

His dad Marty, king of the pops in the age of luminous socks, D.A. haircuts and hula-hooped skirts, is still going strong and earns nearly £1000 a week.”But”, he said, “it’s a bit hard on me when all the kids come up to me and say ‘Are you Ricky’s Dad?’

“He’s tops at golf, nuts about football, and great with music. He can read it and knows what it is all about. But when it comes to maths, he’s not so hot…”