Articles 1981

These are articles about Kim Wilde, originally published in magazines, newspapers etc. from around the world during the year 1981. All articles are translated into English if they weren't originally published in that language.

Date Published in
Beauty on the Wilde side [unknown] (UK)
Smiling forbidden? - There Kim Wilde laughed! Pop/Rocky (Germany)
The Wilde one: Rocker dad writes for Kim the Kid [unknown] (Australia)
Seeking success on the Wilde side [unknown] (UK)
Kim Wilde: no longer a loner Superpop (UK)
New hitphenomenon: Kim Wilde Joepie (Belgium)
Kim Wilde [unknown] (France)
'I felt like an ugly duckling and was very lonely': Kim Wilde's difficult childhood Joepie (Belgium)
Fallout Favourites Flexipop! (UK)
Born to be Wilde! [unknown] (UK)
Kim Wilde knows what she wants Top (Belgium)
Kim Wilde: "There's always another interview or photo session" [unknown] (Australia)
Star shots ID Star Shots (UK)
Kim Wilde [unknown] (Japan)
Kim Smith Popcorn (Germany)
Passport: Kim Wilde Joepie (Belgium)
Kim Wilde: England's new rocklady is a girl with many faces. [unknown] (Germany)
Kim Wilde wants to take the future into her own hands Joepie (Belgium)
Which symbol (Kim or Debbie) is the sexiest? [unknown] (UK)
Review - Kim Wilde [unknown] (UK)
Like the older ones sing... Tros Kompas (Netherlands)
Kim Wilde & Kate Bush: double pop Club (Netherlands)
Kim Wilde Diskjockey (Denmark)
Kim Wilde [unknown] (UK)
Never live Kim's voice [unknown] (Italy)
Wilde talk! [unknown] (UK)
Just Wilde about Kim [unknown] (UK)
Kim Wilde : A family rock affair OK! (France)
Wilde 'n' Wonderful: get looks that win like Kim! [unknown] (UK)
Kim Wilde is being chased by Brigitte Bardot Joepie (Belgium)
Kim Wilde Look-in (UK)
In daddy's footsteps Ung Nu (Denmark)
Rockin' dangerous girl - Kim Wilde: "I was born a pop-star!" Suosikki (Finland)
Born to be Wilde
Wild - Wilder - Wilde Ung Nu (Denmark)
Ways of a Wilde daughter New Standard (UK)
Wilde about Marty's girl Daily Express (UK)
I'm a wild one says Kim Daily Mirror (UK)
You must have been a beautiful baby... cos baby look at you now! Welwyn Hatfield Times (UK)
Kim Wilde in Portugal Dia (Portugal)
Kim's Wilde dream is coming true [unknown] (UK)
Kim drives them wild [unknown] (UK)
Review - Kids in America Melody Maker (UK)
The Wilde bunch! Marty's kids are following in father's footsteps The Sun (UK)
Review - Kids in America [unknown] (France)
Born to be Wilde Record Mirror (UK)
Kim Wilde Smash Hits (UK)
Marty Wilde is very wild! Bild (Germany)
One of the Wilde bunch Daily Epress (UK)
Famous - just like Dad Daily Star (UK)
Making the Most of the Wildes Now! (UK)
Debut single from Kim Wilde Televizier (Netherlands)
Kim's going Wilde - like Dad Sunday Mirror (UK)
Back seat Marty! Evening Times (UK)
Johnny's new discovery: Kim Wilde [unknown] (France)
Star choice Record Mirror (UK)
As wilde as her father: Kim Veronica (Netherlands)
No wild extravaganza from fashion lover Kim! Evening Post Echo (UK)
Kim Wilde: The girl who is never allowed to laugh Bravo (Germany)
Wilde but not flash New Standard (UK)
The Wilde side of Kim Melody Maker (UK)
Kim Wilde: "I'm a passionate one" France Soir (France)
The discovery of Johnny Télé Star (France)
The Wilde side of Kim Look-In (UK)
Kim Wilde, a voice to "see" La voce del popolo (Italy)
Marty Wilde and his daughter talk about making the charts - the second time around Daily Mirror (UK)
When Kim rhymes with Kid Il Giornale (Italy)
Kim Wilde follows in her father's footsteps Pop/Rocky (Germany)
Kim Wilde: The sulky baby of rock France Soir Magazine (France)
Second generation rock Sunday Express (UK)
Kim Wilde knows the singing profession Algemeen Dagblad (Netherlands)
Review - Kim Wilde [unknown] (Italy)
Mark Wesley Pop Spot Weekend (UK)
Review - Kids in America Mädchen (Germany)
Wilde thing Flexipop (UK)
The Wilde sound of Marty's girl Express and Star (UK)
Kim Wilde loves rock 'n' roll Hitkrant (Netherlands)
Personal file Smash Hits (UK)
Take a walk on the Wilde side! Sunday Journal (Ireland)
A Wilde and wonderful pop queen... Liverpool Echo (UK)
Wilde kids turn out just wonderful Daily Express (UK)
Kim Wilde: the English answer to Deborah Harry Veronica (Netherlands)
Kim: the Wilde one with the pout Bravo (Germany)
Wilde life Smash Hits (UK)
Kim Wilde: pretty as a picture Hitkrant (Netherlands)
Phoners: Kim Wilde Roadrunner (Australia)
Review - Kim Wilde [unknown] (Germany)
My favourite discs Popcorn (Germany)
Review - Kim Wilde [unknown] (Italy)
Review - Kim Wilde [unknown] (Germany)
Kim Wilde: famous daughter of a famous father [unknown] (Germany)
Review - Kim Wilde [unknown] (UK)
Kim's charmed life stays in the family [unknown] (Australia)
Kim Wilde about her sudden success: 'This is what I've been waiting for' Muziek Expres (Netherlands)
Popcorn spoke in London with the hot rock lady Kim Wilde Popcorn (Germany)
Kim has music in her blood [unknown] (Australia)
Review - Kim Wilde Top (Belgium)
Review - Kim Wilde Sounds (Germany)
Kim's not so dumb: she's sexy... and knows it [unknown] (Australia)
Born to be Wilde! Jackie (UK)
Kim's in tune with family The Sun-Herald (Australia)
A day in the life of Kim Wilde Flexipop (UK)
On the Wilde side LAM (UK)
Kim is simply cruising: Daughters of stardom slip into the limelight The Advertiser (Australia)
Kim Wilde overcome with marriage proposals, but music is her only love Joepie (Belgium)
Her most private secrets: Kim Wilde like no-one knows her Bravo (Germany)
Kim Wilde: "They won't get me out of the house" Hitkrant (Netherlands)
Kim Wilde: A "kid" from England Het Binnenhof (Netherlands)
Singer Kim Wilde doesn't like to do nothing Nieuwe Apeldoornse Courant (Netherlands)
New sex symbol for the Eighties, Kim Wilde: You can't get rid of problems with drugs Udens Weekblad (Netherlands)
Review - Chequered love De Waarheid (Netherlands)
Hitscore De Telegraaf (Netherlands)
Kim Wilde wants to do everything better! Popfoto (Netherlands)
Review - Kim Wilde Muziek Info (Netherlands)
Little miss clever clogs Flexipop (UK)
Review - Kim Wilde [unknown] (Italy)
Review - Kim wilde [unknown] (Portugal)
Kim Wilde: she'll stick around Zwolse courant (Netherlands)
Why Kim Wilde doesn't smile Hitkrant (Netherlands)
Kim wants more freedom Veronica (Netherlands)
Review - Kim Wilde Emmer Courant (Netherlands)
Kim's secret Hitkrant (Netherlands)
Smiling has been strictly forbidden for her! Bravo (Germany)
Unbelievable success for Kim Wilde Haarlems Dagblad (Netherlands)
Kim keeps it in the family North Herts Gazette (UK)
What a difference a year made for Kim News Post Blyth (UK)
Review - Kim Wilde Bravo (Germany)
Inherited talent Kronen Zeitung (Austria)
Kim Wilde: more than just a pretty face Nieuws van de dag (Netherlands)
Kim Wilde too hasty De Stem (Netherlands)
Kim Wilde: 'I'm going to be a star' Hitkrant (Netherlands)
Review - Kim Wilde Smash Hits (UK)
Wilde-ly exciting! Blue Jeans (UK)
Kim Wilde: prefers microphone to painter's palette NCRV gids (Netherlands)
Portrait of the artist as a consumer: Kim Wilde New Musical Express (UK)
Kim's visit preceded by debut album Rand Daily Mail (South Africa)
Wilde & Exciting Muziekkrant Oor (Netherlands)
The happy Wilde family De Telegraaf (Netherlands)
Kim sets the town on fire Daily Mirror (Australia)
The Wilde One The News (Australia)
Kim will surely make it Tros Kompas (Netherlands)
Just Wilde about Kim The Sun (UK)
Cool Kim turns to sole music... The Herald Sun (Australia)
The Wilde woman of Welwyn Garden City Look now (UK)
Wild about Kim Wilde Starshots (UK)
Disco 45 album page Disco 45 Songbook (UK)
Now the kid's in Australia [unknown] (Australia)
Review - Kim Wilde Muziek Expres (Netherlands)
Back to the fifties Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
A day of shopping with Kim Wilde Popfoto (Netherlands)
Kim is not crazy Popbiz (Netherlands)
Review - Kim Wilde Rock & folk (France)
Kim Wilde: female new wave [unknown] (Portugal)
Review - Kim Wilde [unknown], [unknown country]
Kim made the kids go wild! Transvaler (South Africa)
Angry cat Kim Wilde Beeld (South Africa)
Kim aims to beat taboo The Courier-Mail (Australia)
Ain't much romance in the old rock 'n roll Melbourne Times (Australia)
Review - Water on glass Smash Hits (UK)
All time top ten Smash Hits (UK)
With whom is Kim in love? Bravo (Germany)
Review - Kim Wilde Elsevier (Netherlands)
Kim's the kid in South Africa The Star (South Africa)
Wilde sex kitten takes it all in her stride Sunday Express (South Africa)
Kim will not be busting out all over Sunday Times (South Africa)
Review - Kim Wilde Music Scene (South Africa)
Kim Wilde: Already on stage at 12 Bravo (Germany)
Kissable Kim Daily Star (UK)
Three steps to Kim's success TV Scene (Australia)
Wilde beauty Sunday Mirror (UK)
Pop gossip of the Pop-ulation [unknown] (Portugal)
Wilde naive energy` The Advertiser (Australia)
[no title] Juke (Australia)
Kim Wilde goes for the wrist job Juke (Australia)
Wilde about the boys? Not right now, says Kim Daily Mirror (UK)
Stunning: Kim and her records Sunday Independent (Australia)
Britain's Bardot Timinn (Iceland)
Moore on pop Australian Women's Weekly (Australia)
Kim Wilde: 'I don't like politics' Hitkrant (Netherlands)
I'm glad that I can like myself BT (Denmark)
Wilde Talk! Look-In (UK)
Wilde about Kim TV Scene (Australia)
Review - Kim Wilde The Chronicle (Australia)
Kim Wilde: 'I now do what I always wanted to do' Muziek Expres (Netherlands)
I looked like a grandmother! Bravo (Germany)
Wilde on fashion Love affair (UK)
The girl, whose manager forbade her to laugh: Englands new Rockstar is called Kim Wilde Gong (Germany)
[no title] TV Week (Australia)
Kim Wilde not impressed with success De Telegraaf (Netherlands)
Autograph card with the most important data on Kim Wilde Bravo (Germany)
Review - Kim Wilde The Age (Australia)
Why does your daddy let you go alone? Džuboks (Yugoslavia)
Review - Kim Wilde [unknown] (Portugal)
Why Kim Wilde rarely laughs Joepie (Belgium)
The Wilde girl Sunday Magazine (UK)
Kim Wilde has also been young! Popparade (Netherlands)
Review - Kim Wilde Popparade (Belgium)
Kim Wilde taking different route to top Billboard (USA)
WILDE: Sex kitten or reluctant starlet? New Musical Express (UK)
Kim Wilde Pop pix (UK)
What does Ricky mean to Kim Wilde? Popfoto (Netherlands)
Kim Wilde the most beautiful revelation of the year Podium (France)
Kim Wilde the plain girl everyone wants to look like Blondie (Belgium)
I'm Kim Wilde! Suosikki (Finland)
Speaking of talent... Muziek Expres (Netherlands)
Kim Wilde is not afraid Popbiz (Netherlands)
Drive them Wilde! Heartbeat (UK)
Is Kim Wilde? Muziekkrant Oor (Netherlands)
Kim Wilde thanks video for success Dagbladet Snällposten (Sweden)
Kim Wilde on flying visit in Malmö: a well-run family business Nöjesposten (Sweden)
Kim Wilde: "Sex does not exist for me" Bravo (Germany)
Wilde about fellas: ...but singing sensation Kim loves home even more! Titbits (UK)
The big fear of Kim Wilde Joepie (Belgium)
Review - Kim Wilde Visir (Iceland)
Kim Wilde Strisce e musica (Italy)
Kim Wilde Deventer Dagblad (Netherlands)
Icy decisiveness Duga (Yugoslavia)
Kim Wilde: with musical blood in the veins Comercio do Porto (Portugal)
The small and big secrets of Kim Wilde Pop/Rocky (Germany)
Review - Cambodia Evening Despatch (UK)
Virus stops Kim Wilde Popcorn (Germany)
Review - Kim Wilde Hifi (Italy)
Review - Kim Wilde L'Ultimo Buscadero (Italy)
Kim Wilde Starshots (UK)
Kim Wilde: Sweet and tangy pop-rock for young modern palates [unknown] (Belgium)
Review - Kim Wilde Roadrunner (Australia)
The special relationship of brother and sister Wilde Joepie (Belgium)
Kim Wilde, the red that comes from afar L'Unitá (Italy)
Girl next door to international star Newcastle Post (Australia)
Kim test 'secret' Adelaide News (Australia)
The whole Wilde world Smash Hits (UK)
Wilde about Kim Look-In (UK)
Kim is wild about Evita Adelaide News (Australia)
Kim Wilde gives away 15 of her t-shirts Bravo (Germany)
New English young rockstar and sunshine relaxation Corriere del Ticino (Italy)
Kim Wilde, the wild Lolita of British rock Il Giorno (Italy)
Kim Wilde comes to Lisbon Capital (Portugal)
Kim Wilde comes to Lisbon Diario Popular (Portugal)
Kim Wilde in Portugal Diario (Portugal)
Kim Wilde has to rest for a while Veronica (Netherlands)
The family show business Sunday Express (UK)
Start here: Wilde about Kim Sunday Times (UK)
Kim's most beautiful birthday present! Anita (Netherlands)
Kim Wilde: She likes her home life and her goldfish pond She (UK)
Review - Cambodia [unknown] (Italy)
The singer who hates the public Il monello (Italy)
Kim Wilde [unknown] (Germany)
I can smile if I want to! Vi Unge (Denmark)
Focus on 45s [unknown] (UK)
Kim Wilde intimate [unknown] (Germany)
Testament of youth: Kim Wilde talks about her growing pains Flexipop (UK)
Kim Wilde: Britain's latest pop singer gets a few things off her chest [unknown] (UK)
Wilde about Kim [unknown] (Australia)
My Day: It's straight from the heart with Kim Wilde Heartbeat (UK)
Kim Mild! Sex kitten of rock is a family girl at heart Daily Star (UK)
On December 17 she presents her new song 'Cambodia' in Musikladen: Kim Wilde Bravo (Germany)
And now over to the experts Smash Hits (UK)
To think I beat Spingsteen! Aftonbladet Ung (Sweden)