A day in the life of Kim Wilde

1. I usually get up about 10am. The first thing I do is brush my teeth, then I put my make-up on, then I get dressed. I only like wearing trousers and a top, preferably black. I haven’t worn a dress since I was at art college last year. After a regular morning bowl of Rice Krispies I play with my baby sister Roxanne. She calls me ‘Mama’.

2. I got to my record company RAK about three times a week. Sometimes I drive up to London from our cottage in Welwyn Garden City in my Beetle car which I jointly own with my brother Ricky. But today my mum dropped me off. Before I go in I always buy an apple. I adore all kinds of fruit.

3. Oh, and I like glancing through the racks at the local newsagents. You see some really GREAT magazines there.

4. Today I had to do a photo session with someone from the Sunday Express. He wanted to take a picture of me holding a camera for some reason. I don’t do many sessions – I hate smiling at the camera.

5. During the course of the day I generally see Jennifer Merriman, Mickie Most’s personal assistant at RAK, who tells me how my records are going in this country and Sonja Hardy who informs me how they are going abroad. Today I discovered my single was in the Danish, Swedish, Belgium, German, Dutch and Irish charts. I celebrated by playing a tune on the piano.

6. I don’t eat much at all. I occasionally nip into the RAK kitchens and make myself a toasted cheese sandwich and a cuppa. The only time I have a square meal is if my mum cooks something when I get home at night.

7. Today I had to do an interview with a Swedish journalist. Interviews don’t worry me. Nothing makes me nervous.

8. Before I leave around 6pm I like to have a quick bash on the office juke box. The first thing I do when I get home is take my make-up off. Next a cuppa again and then a nice long bath. For the rest of the evening I play with my sister or go down to the local for a drink with some friends. No, not pop stars. I don’t hob nob with them yet. At 1am I usually turn in. All I wear in bed is the tee shirt I’ve had on that day and nothing else. I’m a lazy cow and can’t be bothered to slip into a nightie.