And now over to the experts

It must be tough being a pop star at this time of year. Just think. While everyone else is happily scribbling awa yat their poll forms, elevating their favourites and despatching the rest dumperwards, these poor musicians sit home twiddling thumbs and nervously fingering fretboards as they wait to see what fate (in the shape of Smash Hits readers) has in store for them. So, to lighten their heavy load, this year we decided to give them a chance to name the people whose contributions to the year they’ve found most impressive. We dished out a few blank poll forms and here, with spelling mistakes corrected and slanderous comments deleted, are the results.

Kim Wilde

Best group: The Attractions
Best female singer: Grace Jones
Best male singer: Eddie Tudorpole
Best album: “Almost blue” – Elvis Costello
Best single: “Walking on thin ice” – Yoko Ono
Best TV programme: The Tis That Was
Best radio show: Alexis Korner
Most appalling record: “O Superman” – Laurie Anderson
Most promising new act for 1982: Heaven 17 / Fun Boy Three
Most fanciable human being: Too numerous to mention