Drive them Wilde!

All the boys go Wilde when Kim steps out! So take a tip from her sexy style and develop the look that leaves them gasping!

Kim on clothes

Kim knows exactly how she wants to lok. Here’s how she goes out and gets it!
Kim doesn’t just go for second hand things, but loves exciting designs, prints and fabrics, regardless of whether they come from a jumble sale or the King’s Road.

“I choose things that suit me personally. High fashion often starts off as a good idea but can turn cheap and nasty once it hits the high street at prices we can afford – so I usually avoid it. I like to underplay what’s in fashion, the new romantic ruffles are great but I only wear them if they’re not too over-done. Unfortunately, I’m the sort who tends to buy bits and pieces on impulse and then find they don’t go with anything when I get home!”

So it’s all down to knowing what looks good and then bing brave enough to try it out. So start hunting through secondhand shops and you too could look as terrific as our Kim!