Famous – just like Dad

Curvy Kim Wilde is rocking her way up the pop charts even faster than her famous father Marty did when he was Britain’s No. 1 heart-throb in the Fifties.

Her debut disc, Kids in America, is already at No. 3. But although Marty wrote the lyrics, blonde and beautiful Kim denies that having a big name dad is a decided advantage.

She says: “In a way, it’s a drawback. It’s harder for me to make it because there’s a taboo in the business about sons and daughters of famous fathers. They hardly ever seem to succeed. but I’m determined to change that. OK, I haven’t got that driving force which makes a lot of pop stars successful… a deprived background. I’ve had a very comfortable life, but I’ve still got a driving force which is just as potent.”

This statement seems strange, coming from Kim, because she’s one of the nicest women in rock I’ve met. She has a peaches and cream personality to match her complexion – kind, warm and fresh. And that, coupled with her natural sexiness, is a lethal combination.

Blue-eyed Kim, 20, is part of a loving and close-knit family. While 41-year-old dad wrote the words for Kids in America, brother Ricky composed the music – in 20 minutes! Marty, who in four years had six Top 10 hits with songs like Teenager in Love, Rubber ball and Donna, has been happily married to ex-Vernon girl Joyce for 21 years.


And the couple have been adding to their family. Daughter Roxane – named after the Police hit single – is 18 months, and a baby boy was born earlier this month.

Kim, who still lives at home, says, “I love children. I guess that’s one thing I’ve inherited from my parents. When the new baby was born, I just burst into tears. I was so happy. And my little sister Roxanne looks upon me as a Mum. I love being with her. I’d rather stay home with her than go out with anyone. She’s such a joy, but kids are like that. They’re so honest and emotional.”

Kim is a stunner – but admits she was not very happy about her face and figure until she was 16. “I was big for my age, but after all, Dad is 6ft 4in and takes size 14 shoes. Being on the large size made me a bit depressed because there’s such a stigma about being overweight. It made me feel bad – which is wrong. Until I was 16, I was very worried about my general appearance. But when I slimmed down, I got an incredible amount of confidence.”

Surprisingly, the now lovely Kim has no steady boyfriend. She adds: “I don’t mind that. It doesn’t bother me. I guess I’m choosy. But I love boys, and sex is as important to me as it is to anyone else.”


“I like the thrill of the chase. I’m a Scorpio, and they’re incredibly passionate people.” Dress-wise, Kim hates store clothes. “They’re so predictable”, she says. So Kim buys men’s shirts, jumpers and slacks from jumble sales and Oxfam shops near her home in Hertford.

Then she grabs her cotton, needles and pins and re-designs the clothes to fit snugly in all those important places. Her favourite outfit is a dinner jacket with sexy mini-skirt to match. No wonder they’re all wild about Kim…