Her most private secrets: Kim Wilde like no-one knows her

“Rock ‘n’ Roll has always treated me well. My life has been like a fairy tale, and that is what I also hope for Kim”, says Kims father Marty Wilde, himself a popular Rockstar.
Although Kim grew up in this fairy atmosphere – surrounded by luxury -, she is now more modest and more adult than most people her age. For her a great evening does not consist of visiting discos, boyfriends and superficial talk.

She feels just as well staying home with her parents and brothers and sister, listening to records, cooking or sewing. Her most favourite pastime is looking after her younger sister Roxanne, whose picture she always carries with her. She feeds her, helps her out of her clothing and brings her to bed.

Brother Ricky, who produces her records, has always been her best friend. With her mother she talks as if she were her younger sister. Her father is her big rolemodel: with him she can discuss everything happening in her world. He warned her early on for the dangers of showbusiness like smoking and drinking.

Her free time she spends in the garden, where she created a small pond with waterliliesm and where some goldfish are housed. Or she sits at the piano to play her favourite piece, Chopin’s “Prelude”.
She regularly retreats in her own chamber, to draw portraits of people she meets on the streets or in shops and restaurants.

For her mother she rides in an old Mini Cooper to the nearby village of St. Albans to go shopping. Sometimes she meets some old friends from the Art college where she spent a year. She blushes upon receiving compliments, and likes to dress casually so that she keeps a low profile.

Kim and Ricky didn’t get much pocket money when they were young. That way, they soon discovered second hand shops to buy smart clothing for low prices.