I can smile if I want to!

Kim Wilde has been visiting Copenhagen. To collect gold and silver records for the sale of her hit records in Denmark. Maybe she will return next year for a tour. We took a look at the phenomenon.

20 years old. Blonde, but not natural. The dark roots are showing. Shes only been famous for about half a year – but what a succesfull half a year! Shes in Copenhagen on a short stop between Sweden where she, and her musicians have been playing two of her hits for a Swedish musicshow – and London. The girl has never played a concert. Shes been selling almost a million copies of her first album. She exites boys (and girls) with her solid rock – her way of playing new wave. We asked her some questions and Kim Wilde answered them. She had a cold, coming from all the travelling between cold and warm countries, she said.

It’s said you’re under a contract that doesn’t allow you to smile, and actually I don’t think I have ever seen a picture of you smiling? Is that true?
That’s nonsense. I’m just not into the ‘smile for the photographer’ stuff. I try to look natural – and if I don’t smile, it’s because I look natural that way.

You still live with your father, mother, brother and sister?
Yes, but im thinking about moving out. I love to live at home, we are a strong family, we keep together, but it would be practical for me to live closer to London. Even though I have the advantage to feel free when I’m at home.

Do you have a steady boyfriend?
Not one, but six different ones. It’s very practical to have one in each country you go to!

Your next album?
It will be out in early 1982 – we are working on it at the moment. It’ll be different – and better. We have had more time producing it. It won’t just be rock, but more ballads and slower stuff – amongst others the new single ‘Cambodia’.

You have been called the Brigitte Bardot of pop music?
Flattering, but it’s not on purpose. Everything just went so fast, so it’s not a gimmick. By the way I don’t know much about Brigitte Bardot – she’s before my time.

You’re the biggest female rockstar right now – and still you have never played a single concert. Don’t you find that strange?
Case is, that I want to build this slow. I feared becoming a short-lived phenomenon. What comes fast goes fast. I want people to know what they get when they come to one of my concerts. I plan to go on tour in 1982 – that also includes Denmark.

Do you find it difficult to walk the streets without getting recognised?
No, I just wear a scarf aound my hair, a hat and my sunglasses. Its usually on my hair people recognise me.

Do you have time for hobbies?
Only reading. I started reading ‘East of Paradise’ because I got interested in it because of a TV-series. But I found it dead boring and never finished it. At the moment I’m reading about homosexuality – that’s more interesting.

Which city in Europe is your favorite city?
Rome. Because of the climate, the atmosphere; its an ancient, used and charming city.

How are you feeling right now?
I’m tired, sleepy and I have got a cold.