Icy decisiveness

Many claim that Kim Wilde is currently the most appealing feature of world rock scene. She is the most beautiful, has a voice, good songs and a lot of success with the audience. Men say: this is the real thing!

This spring term the world got its new love. Her name is Kim Wilde, daughter of the once famous rocker Marty Wilde of whom she (presumably) inherited the musical talent which she has has so successfully demonstrated in a series of big hits “Kids in America”, “Chequered Love”, “Water on Glass” and the album “Kim Wilde”.

Creating an image of horny girls modeled on Deborah Harry or even Marilyn Monroe, Kim Wilde is still able to retain something peculiar to herself: a glimpse into the icy calm behavior and conversations, equanimity, which is unusual for the star of such caliber.

Musically, what Kim Wilde and her group work as possible the fall in the typical pop, whose prerogatives exceptional melodic choruses, elegant instrumentalization and interpretation.
In the situation when her throne first lady of the modern period almost reserved, Kim Wilde has no reason to worry: with this kind of support from the audience (especially men) her future perspectives are more than bright. What will they say: look, listen and – watch.
This is the real thing!