In father’s footsteps

Kim Wilde from TV is wild

On Friday, Jorgen Mylius presented the 21-year-old Kim Wilde, who can very easily become one of the big names of the summer and autumn. Kim is the daughter of Marty Wilde, who in 1959 was a really big name. Among other things, he had a hit with A Teenager In Love, and we got a taste of her in the TV show Musikboxen, where Kim Wilde also sang her latest hit.

Elvis as a role model

Kim Wilde comes from a musical family. She does not have her father as a role model, but instead it is Elvis Presley and Elvis Costello. She still lives at home, where her brother Ricky, who is 19 years old, and also several smaller siblings also live.

– I would like Ricky to become a rock star, and he has also had a few hits. Including I Am An Astronout, but I was not happy to get Kim into showbiz. But I underestimated her. She wanted to, and so Ricky and I wrote some tunes for her. One of them was Kids In America, and it has become a big hit for her, says father Marty Wilde, who probably knows how to do well in showbiz.


If Debbie Harry (from Blondie) is the new Marilyn Monroe in musical showbiz, then Kim Wilde must be the new Brigitte Bardot, wrote the big English newspaper The sun in May. And in fact, Kim Wilde has become a superstar on a few singles. Her LP has just hit the streets, it is so fresh that it will only be released in July in England.


She cuts her own hair. And she uses Clairol hair lightener for her hair. It’s all by the do-it-yourself method. Today, Kim Wilde is the big teen idol. She simply dresses, and when she finally spends money on clothes, it’s in a thrift store. The English fashion industry wept over this natural child.

The music Kim does not have the best voice in the world. But she understands how to exploit the talent she possesses. She’s got the man behind Suzi Quatro, Mickie Most, to help with the studio, and a very solid LP has come out the collaboration. The producer is Ricky Wilde, and he and his father have been involved in writing the melodies for Kim. They have been able to make a solid 80s disc, and especially the upcoming track Kids In America has obviously had a deserved success. There are 10 tracks on the record. And it is quite certain that Danish teenagers will already dance to Kim during the hopefully warm summer nights.