Johnny’s new discovery: Kim Wilde

Too late! Kim Wilde seduced Johnny but he had already said yes to Babette a few days earlier, their love at first sight will remain only professional in the gazette of missed idylls.

‘Kids in America’, Kim Wilde’s first album quickly arrived at number three in the English ‘charts’ but the lovely singer finds that having a famous father is rather a disadvantage because the people responsible for the different programs reject daddy’s sons or daughters. However, his first disc is a family affair: Marty, his father wrote the text of ‘Kids in America’ while his brother Rickie composed the music in twenty minutes, the association gives a success which adds additional joys to this united clan. Kim and Rickie are the two eldest children of Marty and Joyce Wilde, married for twenty-one years for the best of life who, in addition to the two grown-ups, has just given them a lovely little Roxanne, now eighteen months old. Her first name is not foreign to the Police hit. A little boy was born in early March and Kim admits that tears of joy ran down her face when the baby was born. From her parents, she inherited her gifts for music and the love of children.

Too big for her age, Kim Wilde only started to assume her height at the age of sixteen when she realized that the mobile of her suit was actually a gift from nature.

She hates clothing stores, preferring to dress in surpluses or in thrift stores that allow her to take out her scissors and pins to make them personal creations.

A sacred personality for a lovely blond face with blue eyes who, at twenty-one years old, refuses to link her existence to that of a boy.