Just Wilde about Kim

Kim Wilde confesses she began to wonder if she would ever make it as a successful pop singer.

That was last year… at the ripe old age of 19 – a vintage not noted for an abundance of patience or perspective. But pretty blonde Kim needn’t have worried. With a talented, songwriting little brother and a father who learned the ropes by scoring some pop success of his own back in the ’60s, she’ll turn 21 in November with a impressive string of worldwide hits already under her belt.

Kim said that it was when 18-year-old Ricky started to collaborate with father Marty that ‘things started to click’. She is in Australia to promote her crashing new RAK single ‘Chequered Love’ – a follow-up to the chart-topping ‘Kids in America’ that’s as predictable as it is full of hit potential. Her debut album will be out soon, while back home a new single called ‘Water on glass’ has just entered the Top 30.

It’s from the batch of songs written for the LP and it’s more like the excellent ‘Kids’ than ‘Chequered Love’ says Kim, who maintains the family team ‘definitely has a sound’.

After her Down Under foray, the young singer vying with Toyah Willcox as 1981’s ‘British pop sensation’ will head for South Africa, where the album is set to ‘ship’ 20,000 copies upon release.