Kim is not crazy

Even if Kim Wilde is a welcome face at parties, she still feels best in well-known surroundings. And that is at home, with her father and mother…

‘When I say that I still live with my parents, people say I’m crazy!’, says Kim. ‘But I do prefer to live at home. We get along really fine, we share the same hobbies and interests. My mother spoils me when I am around. So why would I live alone? That seems frightening to me. I wouldn’t want to do that. I stay at home because I like it better.’

Before Kim started her singing career, she attended art college. ‘Despite this I knew I would later turn to the music scene’, she says. ‘My father and I were always into music. His career had a lot of influence on me. Our house was filled with music all day.’

Kim doesn’t like going out. ‘I live a quiet life’, she says. ‘I have more important things to do. I am currently looking for a band to go on tour with later in the year. That seems like a lot of fun to me.’