Kim Wilde, a voice to “see”

The sun band returns with another record, interpreting the spirit of a generation that wants to have fun.

Kim Wilde superblonde, very young, gentle but firm face, very decisive – the rockettes are like that – comes from the United Kingdom where she already lives in the upper class districts; it is in the top five places, like in the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark.

She studied at Art College and her first disc ‘Kids in America’ sold two million copies, not without the merit of her genaeology, given that Kim is a daughter of art, since her father Marty Wilde was a good rocker during the Fifties and that her brother Rickie plays the keyboard and the guitar in the band.

So a real musical workshop in the family that seems to work in perfect harmony and presents itself with the first LP published by EMI (Kim Wilde 3 C 064438) where a fresh and breezy sound is circulating which is the most functional imaginable for that temperament, for that voice. A snappy voice, a shot that effortlessly holds up a long playing, without pulling the breath, without ballads or confidential pauses: always on the edge of a brisk but not forced gait, not oppressive. The result is a casiling program – the songs are all from the father or brother – well articulated, good (perhaps better than the second facade), dominated by the subtle timbre – a bit monotonous – of Kim, who on her side is direct without a shadow of sophistication and therefore – in the end – nice.

Extremely modern and danceable, the collection makes you want to get to know this energetic rock star from across the English Channel who has never performed live up until now: she is preparing and she is soon ready to tell her producers. So a video of her is coming.