Kim Wilde comes to Lisbon

The rock singer Kim Wilde travels to Portugal on 5 December to promote her first LP, which has as its title the name of the singer. According to reports from the Portuguese label representing Kim Wilde, the singer comes to Lisbon to participate in a program of RTP and in various radio programs, and may possibly have contacts with journalists.

Kim Wilde is the daughter of famous rock singer Marty Wilde, one of the pioneers of rock music in Britain. ‘I grew up with music that was present in all my life. Now the music will be my life’, says Kim Wilde. Her first success, earlier in 1981, was called ‘Kids in America’, a song written by her brother Rick. Two months ago Kim wilde launched ‘Chequered Love’, another single that preceded her album.

All material by Kim Wilde has already been released in Portugal, with the exception of his latest single, titled Cambodia, who will be released at the time she is in Lisbon.