Kim Wilde: famous daughter of a famous father

There are groups – and most of them are – who have to work hard for years to get to the top. There are also artists, who succeed with their first try. One of those rare breeds is the English rock-girl Kim Wilde! Already with her first ever single ‘Kids in America’ the blonde whirlwind landed her first superhit.

“Obviously I inherited the musical talent from my father Marty. In the Sixties he was a very famous rock and roll star. Despite this he’d made up his mind that I wouldn’t follow in his footsteps. He’d always tell me how unserious and superficial the celebrated stars lived. That wouldn’t fit me, I’d have to focus on a serious profession. But I wasn’t interested in any office job; I wanted to become a famous singer most of all”, Kim remembers.

Clandestinely Kim Wilde – who really is named Kim Smith – recorded her first demo together with her brother. “Comically the good advice was only directed at me, and not at my brother. Ricky could do whatever he wanted. That’s why Ricky is already a wellknown musician in England.”

The record firm was so enthralled by Kim’s ‘secret’ demo, that they offered her a recording contract right away.

“My father realised in the end, that he couldn’t hold me back anymore. He was suddenly as enthusiastic as I was, writing the lyrics for the single ‘Kids in America’ for me.”

In the mean time “Kids in America” has conquered the charts – even in the USA – and the second Kim Wilde single ‘Chequered love’ became a big hit. Recently the first album ‘Kim Wilde’ was released, the first album of the 20 year old singer.