Kim Wilde: female new wave

She is for British youth like Pat Benatar is for American youth. The good female presence in the ‘rock’ of the new wave, well beaten and dancing. Good for dance hall attendees and attractive for television.

For now Kim Wilde wins points over Pat Benatar in Portugal. The popularity of Kim’s records is a fact that cannot be denied. It started with the single ‘Kids in America’, which has been in the top ten for a long time. Currently, Kim already has another successful single with ‘Chequered Love’ rising in the Portuguese rankings of newspapers and radio stations. These two singles also won gold discs in England where they recently released a third single ‘Water on Glass’ with great success as well as their first album with sales exceeding sixty thousand units (silver disc) and could win the album of gold in no time.

This first album by Kim Wilde is pleasant and can be heard without any worries. For Portuguese fans we can announce its short edition among us that is worth talking about because in addition to the three successful singles already mentioned, there are many others in the same line of musical options as a beautiful girl, in the new wave of rock music.