Kim Wilde follows in her father’s footsteps

A new name appeared very highly in the English charts recently. Kim Wilde, a beautiful blonde, had great success instantly with her debut single. “Kids in america” made Kim Wilde a celebrity overnight in England. And then people found out that she was the daughter of a wellknown man, namely Marty Wilde. Marty was the first English Rock ‘n’ Roll star some 20 years ago, with songs like “Bad boy”, “A teenager in love” and “Endless sleep”. The all went into the top 5 of the charts. Daughter Kim follows in her father’s footsteps. Her song “Kids in America” landed on the top spot in the English charts, and with her next record we’ll see whether Kim Wilde isn’t just a one hit wonder. But probably this fast success is the start of a big career, because Kim inherited the talent from her father.