Kim Wilde gives away 15 of her t-shirts

Kim Wilde has a special surprise for Bravo readers: she is giving away the first brand new copies of her Kim-T-shirts (with a printed autograph), that will be for sale everywhere in England. Kim, who wears this t-shirt herself on stage, has not forgotten her German fans, although she is very busy right now. In London’s RAK Studios she is recording her new single and LP – both from the proven feathers of father Marty and brother Ricky.
The discs, who will be treated in a studio on the Bahamas, will be released this year.
The t-shirt idea comes from her favourite piece of clothing, which contains a portrait of Brigitte Bardot on the front.
Who wants to have a t-shirt with Kim’s head and autograph, writes a postcard to the Bravo office, Keyword Kim-T-Shirt, 8000 Munich 100. Deadline is November 29, 1981. Don’t forget to write down your own address!