Kim Wilde: ‘I don’t like politics’

With her second hit of the year in the bag and a third, entitled ‘Water On Glass’, waiting in the wings, KIM WILDE can call herself one of the main idols of 1981 along with Shakin’ Stevens. She’s already a big star, a 20-year old blond girl who is adored by many but stays sober. ‘The main thing is my music’, says Kim, ‘and no-one needs to look behind that: no message, no politics, no comment on society. I sing about my own life, but it’s still hard to convince people of that.’

A small year ago Kim began with her successful career. She had no idea of course that one year on she would have two hits and that her face would appear on the cover of all pop magazines.

Second hand

‘I didn’t prepare myself for it all’, she says now. ‘I always did dress in second hand clothing and it stayed that way. Because of my looks I was called a new wave or pubk singer so many times, but that is nonsense of course. Together with Ricky and my dad I try to make good pop songs; songs about the things that move me.’
‘Of course I like the lyrics of my dad, he knows me so well. He knows I will never be commenting on society. No politics in my songs, if you want to hear about that you’ll have to read the papers.’

Feeling of fear

No difficult subjects for Kim, but does that mean that she isn’t interested in the world at all? ‘Everyone is, and I get a feeling of fear sometimes, after all, it’s all misery what you see and hear’.
‘But I don’t reflect on that for too long; music is a good way to diverse my attention from that and I hope for many others as well!’ Kim tries not to change the world, just make it a little happier, and despite the fact that many eyes are focused on her, she remains a nice, normal girl.


‘I’m terribly happy with my success and I have achieved in a year what many people have to work much harder for. In fact I have all that my heart desired, but I still have one wish: to get up on the stage with my own band, because I’m getting tired of lipsynching.’
A wish not only cherished by Kim, but also her fans. It looks like it will be fulfilled soon, so that a new chapter in her career starts: Kim live!