Kim Wilde: “I’m a passionate one”

No, Kim Wilde will not smile for the photographer: she likes better in the languorous style. This sulky baby of 20 years, blond mane, greedy lips and gray-green assassin look, is the new darling of English rock.
His first single ‘Kids in America’ sold at a rate of 500,000 copies in five weeks, propelling it at the top of the British hit parades. But, says the saying, the apple never falls far from the tree and the beautiful Kim is the daughter of a gentleman who, in the years 55-60 also reigned over Anglo-Saxon rock: Marty Wilde. No wonder she has inherited this superb voice and this rhythm of hell.
‘Kids in America’ is a family affair: if dad Marty wrote the text, it was Kim’s brother Rick, who composed the music. With success helping, the beautiful Kim decided to give up her first passion: the fine arts. But nothing will make her give up her trouser-suits: she hates dresses. Even when her boy friends suggest to her more feminine outfits.
“I’ve no steady boyfriend. I don’t mind that, it doesn’t seem to bother me. I guess I am choosy. But I love boys, and sex is as important to me as it is to anybody else. I like the thrill of the chase. I am a Scorpio, and they are incredibly passionate people.”
In France, she found a godfather in the person of Johnny Hallyday who finds her ‘divine’ and is very excited to give a helping hand to the daughter of the one of whom he was one of the first fans twenty years ago.