Kim Wilde intimate

Kim Wilde (21) isn’t just a good singer with an extraordinary face. She fascinates everyone with her charisma and her personality. A girl without arrogance, but with her own opinions. You will read here, what Kim Wilde thinks and what moves her…

“When I read articles about myself in magazines, I have to squirm”, Kim Wilde had already said in an interview with our London correspondent Gabriele Sneddon. In most of the stories I am flat and shy. The story that my manager forbade me to smile is just one of them. I suffer from the strange thoughts peole distribute about me”. With this interview we fulfill one of Kim’s wishes: we gave her only keywords, the answers are entirely from Kim Wilde.


The new single ‘Cambodia’ is my best song until now, in my opinion. I like the melody, the synthesizer-music. It allows more fantasy than the more aggressive songs. The lyrics are more serious – it;s about a woman, whose husband was sent to Cambodia as a soldier and dies there. I hope, that I can perform the song in Musikladen in December. The fans will choose if they like to hear more songs like this from me.


At 15 I was very unhappy. I had good-looking friends, and beside them I looked like a farmer’s daughter. I always wore the same jeans and had no idea about makeup. I always wanted to look differently – more beautiful, taller, more skinny. I didn’t feel very good about myself, and that’s the worst thing about growing up in my opinion. Only when I left school at 18, I grew a spine.


I have done almost everything instinctively. Even the lack of smiling on photographs. Why should I? When I am being photographed in the studio of a complete stranger, there is nothing to smile about. I find this artificial laughing revolting. When someone makes me laugh and that is caught on camera, I have no problem with that. Absurd English humour can make me laugh. I love bizarre humour, that’s presented in all seriousness. Monty Python is very comical to me.


I believe, that the sex appeal of women is the most powerful thing in the world. Many women look sexy when they wear provocative clothing or nothing at all. With me, it’s the face and especially the eyes. My eyes always give away what I feel. I can’t lie, because of that.


Other people think about that more than I do. When people want to describe me as a sex symbol, it only makes me laugh. If I took that seriously I would only perform in jeans and jackets. Often I am portrayed as a marionette who is manupulated by her clever managers. That is false, too. I am a type who doesn’t give away control.


Means almost more to me than singing, because painting allows you to express yourself more than a song. My time at the Hertfordshire College of Art was the most important time in my life for me. If I could choose, I would have preferred to become a famous painter. Perhaps that will still happen some day – I believe in my talent.


I like my work, but being famous does not mean anything to me. If it were over tomorrow, I would become a backing singer for someone like Joe Cocker. I love singing. The publicity, interviews and travelling gets on my nerves.


I should worry more about that, because I have so many promotional duties and I can’t always appear in the same clothes. But I always get to jeans and t-shirts. I have just one skirt, a leather mini. I wouldn’t perform in that.


I love being here, of all the television shows the German ones are the best. I always see how tasteful, stylish and clean everything is. I wish England would learn a little from that. In comparison we are a bit messy.


I am very faithful in every relationship – and fortunately my friends are the same. Between me and my eight, nine closest friends nothing has changed despire my career. I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment. I have had a few, and I experienced and enjoyed all of them intensely. Now there’s a black hole that sucks everything up: my work.


I live from week to week – I don’t know exsactly what happens in a month. I do have one clear goal: I want to perform live finally. My father and my producer Mickie Most are putting on the brakes. A tour is elaborate and expensive. But it has to happen! I am now stepping on the toes of all the necessary people.