Kim Wilde is being chased by Brigitte Bardot

Recently Kim Wilde had to deal with a very strange experience. Two times in one week she was confronted with the sex kitten of French film, Brigitte Bardot. A frightening history, which beautiful Kim gladly wanted to share with the readers of Joepie.

It all started with a shopping trip in the center of London. Kim saw a nice t-shirt with the famous face of BB on it. But in all honesty she didn’t know who this goodlooking lady was.
“I remember what I thought: hey, she’s got the same sort of hair that I do’, tells Kim, ‘but only later in the day I heard from my dad that it was Brigitte Bardot’.
Three nights later this coincidence got a strange following. Kim experienced the most horrible nightmare in her life.
“I still shiver when I think back on it”, she says. “I remember a policeman took me to my father’s car. Why a policeman, I don’t know, but suddenly he took out a knife and held it to my throat and said “I’m going to kill you Brigitte”. Then I woke up. I probably yelled out in my sleep, because my parents and my brother were both in my bedroom.”
The following days Kim had difficulty forgetting this dream. She wondered whether it was a scene from one of BB’s movies she’d remembered subconsciously. “It could be that I’d seen a movie with Bardot as a child in which this scene had taken place”, says Kim, “but my dad has his doubts. I would never have had his permission t osee such a movie, he says.”
From the many fan letters Kim gets it becomes apparent that more people have seen her likeness to BB. Especially her beautiful blonde hair is an eyecatcher.
“My fear has made place for fascination”, Kim tells us. ” I want to get to know as much about Brigitte Bardot as I can. It’s a shame that British television isn’t showing any movies of her anymore. Maybe I can find one on video”.
If it was possible, Kim would like to meet Brigitte in person. That way there would certainly be an end to her fear.
“We could talk about so much things”, says Kim. “From friends I heard that she does a lot to protect animals. I love that. I would love to be part of her actions and who know she’d like to accept my offer when I’m really famous.”

Kim is certainly on her way to become famous. Her new single “Chequered love” is going straight to the top everywhere in Europe.
Kim has found a new market in Japan, where they are wildly enthusiastic about “Kids in America”, but they are a bit concerned about Kim’s wild looks.
“The Japanese apparently think that I look too adult for a 20 year old girl. So my father has said that I should be very polite in Japan. The strange thing is that every country likes a different type of singer. In Germany they like nothing more than saucy, daring costumes, but whatever the Japanese might think, I would never be part of such things.”