Kim Wilde is not afraid

‘I am not afraid of the future’, says Kim Wilde. ‘I know that success is fickle, you can be here today and gone tomorrow because there is a lot of competition. But as long as I can make enough money singing, I am happy…’

With ‘Water On Glass’, her third single, Kim Wilde is working on her third hit. Her LP has become gold in the mean time and every day she gets dozens of letters from fans who love her. ‘I also get a lot of love letters’, Kim says, ‘But I never mind those. I do prefer it when people love me for my music and not for my looks.’
She hates being compared to Brigitte Bardot. Once a journalist called her the Brigitte Bardot of rock ‘n’ roll. Kim: ‘I don’t want to be a sex symbol, what matters is my music. All the rest is not important.’

‘Look’, says Kim, ‘my father hasn’t had a lot of hits. But still he performs live. He still makes money with his music. As long as I can do that I’m satisfied. I don’t have to make hit singles. I know I can’t always do that. I know it will be over at some point and the blow won’t be so hard if I take it into consideration now. I am a down to earth girl, I don’t have illusions and that’s for the better’.