Kim Wilde not impressed with success

Kim Wilde: blonde, voloptuous and a dreamy, staring look. The singer who achieved great success two times with her songs “Kids in America” and “Chequered love” is the favourite star of the hitloving audience. Good looks and musical talent, they are the ingredients of success for female singers.

For Kim Wilde the admiration of her listeners isn’t always as welcome as you’d think. “It’s been said often, but I really wonder whether people are interested in me or just want to come near me because of what I am or do”, says Kim whose music and lyrics are written by father Marty Wilde, himself a successful singer in the Fifties and Sixties.

Also the aspiring partners are approached by Kim with suspicion. “I didn’t go after boys as quickly as my girlfriends”, she complains. “Now this has changed. They think I’m more attractive, because they think I’m more attractive”, says Kim, who doesn’t want to get carried away by her sudden success.