Kim Wilde: prefers microphone to painter’s palette

With her debut single ‘Kids in America’, which became a hit in the Netherlands in recent weeks, the attractive Kim Wilde has followed in the footsteps of her famous father Marty Wilde. Recently Kim’s new single ‘Chequered love’, which everyone was waiting for, was released. Because Kim has talent and is promising.

Kim Wilde was born on November 18, 1960. She studied at art college for a while, but she traded in her painter’s palette for the microphone. She first sang backing vocals on several recordings by her brother Ricky. During one of the recordings Micky Most was there and he was impressed by her. Also musically, because besides the fact that she is beautiful, she can also sing. He took her under his wings immediately. 

The song ‘Kids in America’ was written by brother Ricky, who played in the band of his father Marty Wilde, for years. Marty is mostly responsible for the music on the single. The song is a family product most of all. But all the eyes are fixed on Kim. Father Marty Wilde, England’s rock ‘n’ roll idol from the Sixties, says of his daughter: “Her future is in the hands of the audience. In the end, they will have to buy the record”. And that’s how it is.