Kim Wilde: pretty as a picture

‘I never want to become a second ‘something’, I’d rather be myself’. Resolutely KIM WILDE contradicts the statement that she would be a new Blondie. The comparison is logical: both singers came from nothing to the top of the charts, and both surprise the music world with their vocal talents and intriguing looks.
‘Both of us happen to be very blonde, but it’s a bit too much to say that would be the origin of our success. Years ago it was very hard for women to get a chance. That time has passed and fortunately there’s more attention for quality now’, says Kim.
It is however hard to deny that the 20-year old singer is blessed with very good looks, that doesn’t go unnoticed. ‘I get letters from boys, but for now I don’t like to get involved, let alone committed. The only man I really love right now is my father. He showed me the way in the show business and he gives me advice. I can use that a lot more in my career as a singer than a house and a man.’