Kim Wilde, the red that comes from afar

Half of Europe, Australia (new land of music and cinema), South Africa have already celebrated Kim Wilde, a young singer who has begun timidly to move in Italy and presumably aspires to more concrete happening after that, in these days, she appears in some key TV programmes. The daughter of a type of rock sixties forgotten today, Marty Wilde, who composes all her songs and takes care of the records, Kim is placed by some (likely ïn the theory of ‘lines’ and to the families of the ‘characters’) in quadrant lights up under light, blonde yesterday and today, it seems, red (because of the hair and not in a film) by Debbie Harris. One million copies sold, now listening to this new entry. Well, what is most striking in the LP ‘Kim Wilde’ is the sound balance in which the scratch rhythm and timbre is incorporated in the effect of pleasant suggestion. In short, the album is well thought out in the first place, a product of engineering discs to be mainly a record that aspires to report on the market. How, then, the protagonist,  then all references to Debbie Harris, outside the hair color, is unfounded. And maybe here is to grasp the reason for success. Why, in a sense, Kim Wilde is a kind of antidote to sneers, irreverent and other things more or less justified in blasphemies. Kim Wilde moves into the dense sound frame with a voice that is not still childish. However, to avoid any equivalent, she may very well be used as an antidote against Nikka Costa!