Kim Wilde wants to do everything better!

Marty Wilde used to be a worldfamous rocker and daughter Kim was one of his biggest fans. Now she doesn’t want to be connected to her famous father. Or does she…?

“If I’m mad about anything, it’s still being called ‘Marty Wilde’s daughter’! I have proved to be doing my own thing and not need the famous name of my father, haven’t I?” Kim looks at us with flaming eyes. “I am a star now and my father was twenty years ago”, she continues. “But there’s no need for people to keep connecting us. Also, I make music that is very different from what my father did back then. He was a real rocker. He doesn’t like it either that I’m not considered as a person in my own right. He can really get angry about that.”
“Kim sings ten times better than I used to”, father Marty Wilde says modestly. “But people apparently don’t notice that. When she started singing I was very optimistic about her career, but now I’m really stunned about her talents. Early next year she will start touring through Europe with her own band. After that, there’s America.” Full of pride Marty looks at his daughter Kim.
“You know”, he continues, “people are still talking about ‘Marty Wilde’s daughter’, but I’m sure that will change. Then she will be Kim Wilde, the blonde singer from England and then Kim will get the recognition she deserves. She has worked so hard for it.”
“I owe a lot of my success to dad”, Kim continues. “He and my brother Ricky have written and produced my records. But in the future I would like to do more myself. And do it well! Because I want to conquer the world. And I will. Just watch me!”