Kim Wilde: with musical blood in the veins

With Grace Slick, Kim Carnes and Sheena Easton, KIM WILDE is another of the female voices that have appeared in the music scene to take a prominent position. In Germany she is known as the Bardot of rock. The same Bardot who was successful at the same time as her father, Marty Wilde.
Of the four voices we have quoted, none has any relation to the others except in the sudden, almost simultaneous success, although they have traveled in different ways and styles. Mickie Most, when he launched her, introduced her as the new Suzi Quatro, wearing black leather suit and a sensual physiognomy that made identity more immediate.
However, there is a musical tradition in the family that would dispense with such artifices. Her father, Marty Wilde was a famous rocker of the heroic 50’s and her mother belonged to VERNON GIRLS. However, KIM WILDE makes a point of being well-credited with her own personality and exists in showbiz, regardless of his family background.
KIM likes men’s clothing, bought at Oxfam, and is uninhibited in her opinion. She is interested in impressionist painting and, hey, he likes to cook. Of course, the family environment has to influence her musically. It is not with impunity that one hears in the girl, people like Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry or Aretha Franklin. She would later become interested in Joni Mitchell and Brian Eno’s “Another Green World.” She began to sing with her mother in the songs that his father interpreted, gaining experience of being on a stage.
As a teenager, KIM WILDE was keenly interested in dramatic art and dance, not joining the punk movement that passed her along with the participation of his brother Ricky. He ended up being interested in the experiences of modern pop, a long way from the aggression of punk rock. However, it turned out to be her brother responsible for her being in the show world now, as she invited her to participate in the chorus of the first single she recorded. When Mickie Most heard KIM’s voice he had the celebrated outburst: “She’s going to be the soloist!” This is how he inspired “Kids in America”, her first great success, recorded the first.
“Kids in America” sold very well across Europe, reaching astounding numbers in Germany. And Ricky was not long at leisure “Chequered Love”, single that has a good place in the best selling album charts. Portugal did not escape the rule and also had in its table of best-selling albums both “Kids in America” and “Chequered Love”.
The curious thing is that even now, Dad Marty is part of the team, writing songs for his daughter, after being in the dark for at least the last ten years. But let’s hope for “Blue” that is announced as the first great success of Dad Wilde to his daughter Kim, with production of his son Ricky. Because the family does not stay here, all they need is that Roxanne, just two years old, appears to sing anything …