Kim’s charmed life stays in the family

Kim Wilde seems to have a charmed life. She’s the sort of person who will not only discover a diamond ring in the fish she’s eating, but also that it will fit perfectly.

Kim is part of a talented family who are close in work as well as affection. Father Marty Wilde (remember Abergavenny?) is a singer and songwriter, her mother is a singer, dancer and pianist and her brother Ricky has written many of the songs on her first album. Kim studied at the Hertfordshire College of Art and Design until last year. “I decided I couldn’t waste any more time and though I’ve always loved singing, I wasn’t sure how to go about building a career”, Kim said by phone last week. She was singing backing vocals on a tape Ricky was doing at Rak record studios when producer Mickie Most wandered in and recognised a hit in Kids In America.

The rest is history – a good debut album released last week, a worldwide hit and a whistle-stop promotional tour. The big test is still to come as Kim has yet to play live gigs. “I don’t have a working band yet”, she said. “Ricky plays bass guitar and keyboards on the album, but I don’t see myself as a solo performer. I love to work with people – I do with my family and its very stimulating – and while live performing isn’t the be-all and end-all for me, I’m itching to do it.”

Kim’s one of the rising stars of Britain’s youth culture. “I’m influenced by just about everyone I listen to, but Elvis Costello just gets better and better to me and I love most of the bands he’s associated with, like Squeeze”, she said. Her album covers sharp, frantic rock, love songs and some art pieces. “I sing about anything and to many different moods. I’m not into staying in one style and follow my feelings because it must come from inside”, she said. “I’m not fashion conscious, I’m basically scruffy and get my clothes from the Oxfam shops. I’ve always appreciated having a good home and getting most things I wanted, but I always remember something I read: If you get what you want in this life, you might not want what you get.”

Kim wants to begin writing songs and exercising her artistic talents when she gets the time. Mickey Most is planning a long-term career for her. As a youngster she used to tour with her father and sing backing vocals with her mother, but the roles now have been reversed.