Kissable Kim

Cuddly Kim Wilde has the most luscious lips in rock. And they’re panting with promise. The curvacious sex kitten just knocks out her fans.

And so does her music. Kim’s third smash in four months, Water on Glass, has rocketed to the No. 7 spot in our charts, and is destined to be next week’s number one. Kim is also one of the new breed of rock’s liberated ladies.

The 20-year-old daughter of Fifties rocker Marty Wilde says: “I feel that people have a lot more freedom to be individual these days – you’ve only got to look at young people’s fashion to see that.


“They aren’t scared to be themselves anymore. Peopl – including women – are much more in control of their lives.”

Kim is certainly in control. She says: “You don’t need a movement like women’s lib to do it. Any woman can be as free and feminine as she wants. I know I am.”

Kim is well aware of the connection between pop and sex. She says: “Songs and performers do turn people on. There is no doubt about that.”

And she should know… for Kim is Britain’s top female pin-up, thousands of boys have her pictures pinned up all over their bedrooms.

That flatters Kim. She says: “There’s no harm in it. But I don’t think it’s the be all and end all. Creating good songs is more important to me.”

Though Kim is an incurable romantic, she has no steady man in her life. She says: “Other papers have tried to link me with various men, but it’s just their imagination running away with thm. I haven’t fallen in love for some time. I just haven’t found anyone really, and I am very choosy. But I’m not particularly hankering after a man in my life. A lot of girls feel naked without a boyfriend, but I don’t. I don’t feel the need to have a boyfriend just for the sake of it.”

Kim gets letters by the sackful from male fans proposing marriage, but she modestly and unbelievably admits: “I don’t even think I am anything stunning. It’s just makeup in the right places.


“As a teenager, I never thought of myself as being glamorous. I suffered from a massive inferiority complex till I was 17. Then a handsome prince came into my life, you could say. At last I had a boyfriend who made me fee lI was something special and at the same time my life generally got much better. I’ve never looked back.”