My Day: It’s straight from the heart with Kim Wilde

10.00 – My day usually starts off by discussing how my career’s shaping up! Here I am with Sonia, who’s head of our promotions at Rak records. We’re just chatting about how the singles and LP’s are selling and talking about the next personal appearance I’ll be doing at a record shop.

12.30 – If I’ve got five minutes to spare, which isn’t usual, I nip out sneakily and have a wander round the shops. Maybe I’ll bunch a chrysanths for the studio!

2.30 – Here I am in the recording studio listening to some new sounds I’m making. Sometimes I spend hours in here locked away just singing to myself until I’m satisfied with the results. Guess I’m a perfectionist at heart!

4.00 – This is Bill Harry my publicist, listening to some tracks with me. The machinery’s pretty complicated, it’s like a huge space invader! Most of the tracks are written by my dad Marty, and brother Ricky.

6.15 – There’s nothing like a laugh at the end of a hard day’s work. I sometimes play darts in the office but love going to see live bands like the Modettes. I go swimming a lot, too, to keep my body in trim.

Being in the music business you get put under an awful lot of pressure. So any time off at all you really look forward to! Sometimes you’re on call 24 hours a day, so it’s really like being a doctor!


I’ve been travelling a lot this year and haven’t had time to look after myself as much as I’d like to, so as a result I’ve been ill. I got bronchitis first, so I had to give up smoking. I’ve managed to stay off cigarettes so far, and hope to keep it up. It’s a disgusting habit to get into anyway.
I believe I can do anything if I put my mind to it! That’s how I got into art college, just on pure enthusiasm. I didn’t work that hard when I was there. Some of the classes were too big, and I’m not terribly quick at grasping things. I’m not slow, but not very fast either!


The best thing about doing what I do is that it gives me independence. I like the idea of leading an independent life.
I’d never give up my career for a man, but I wouldn’t expect any of the men I know to ask me to do that anyway.
it would be nice to have enough money to keep on with my career and have a family as well one day.
I suppose I’ll end up having lots of kids. That’s a sobering thought, isn’t it?