New English young rockstar and sunshine relaxation

Kim Wilde, superb young, very young, sweet but decisive mask – young rockstars are like that – comes from the United Kingdom, where she is already in the upper quarters: she is in the top five places in the ranking, as happens in Holland, Belgium and Denmark. She studied at the Artistic College and her first album, ‘Kids in America’, sold two million copies; perhaps also thanks to her genealogy, given that Kim is the daughter of art, given that her father Marty Wilde was a good rocker of the fifties and that her brother Rickie is keyboard player and guitarist in the home band.

And therefore a real workshop in the family that presents her first LP (EMI Kim Wilde 3C 064 64438), an album where a fresh and ventilated sound circulates which is what it takes for that temperament, for that voice. A quick voice, which never draws breath, does not rest with ballads or confidential pauses; but that does not exaggerate, does not ‘force’, as many very young competitors do: here is probably the expert hand of Mr. Marty, who together with his brother is the author of all the songs and has prepared a customized ‘poster’ for the subtle and slightly monotonous timbre of the enterprising daughter. Which, for its part, is direct, without a shadow of sophistication and therefore, after all, and very nice.

Very danceable and modern, the collection makes you want to get to know this energetic rock star from overseas who has never performed live so far. It is getting ready and it will be ready soon, say its producers: your film and therefore upon us.